Things get physical between girlfriends over social media post

25-year-old Janeka Williams and 18-year-old girlfriend Princess Thomas were charged with domestic assault after getting involved in a physical altercation with each other over a post made on social media.

On February 25th, Janeka Williams told officers she was talking with her mother when Princess Thomas came out of the bedroom and got in her face. Janeka says she asked Princess to leave her residence and refused, then got in her face again. Janeka then admitted to pushing Princess away and they starting fighting and fell to the ground, causing her forehead to hit Princess’ nose causing it to bleed.

Princess Thomas told officers she made a post on social media and her girlfriend Janeka Williams joined some of her friends and made comments on it. Janeka then got very angry, got in her face, and called her “b-tches and hoes” during the argument. Princess then said Janeka asked her to leave, but Janeka’s mother asked her to stay. Princess then asked the mother to get Janeka “off of her” before Janeka dragged her outside, spit on her, then grabbed her phone and broke it. Princess then admitted that in retaliation, she grabbed Janeka’s phone and broke it.

Janeka Williams and Princess Thomas were both arrested and charged with domestic assault. They were later released on their own recognizance.

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