Pregnant woman scalds boyfriend with boiling water, smashes his car with a Swiffer

21-year-old Kamille Covington was charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault, and vandalism when an in-person text thread turned brutal. Her boyfriend told authorities she threatened him with a knife, chucked boiling water on him, and smashed his Chevy Malibu with a Swiffer.

On March 29th, Deputies Johnston, Bramlett and Zeng were dispatched to 6928 Amberly Grove Court to investigate a domestic assault. According to the affidavit, the caller stated a black male had left the scene in a dark Chevy Malibu. Deputies located this vehicle moving eastbound on Amberly Way and halted it. The driver, Carlos Hood, told the deputies he had been assaulted by his girlfriend Kamille Covington. The deputies detained Hood and continued to the scene.

Kamille Covington (SCSO)
Kamille Covington (SCSO)

Upon arrival to the intended address, Hood told the deputies that he and Covington had been in bed together when she started texting him about his supposed cheating. He said he ignored it until she messaged him telling him to leave, at which point he started packing bags. While he did this, he says Covington snatched his phone and when he tried to retrieve it she punched him in the mouth three times. Hood admitted he grabbed her in an attempt to curtail the assault but as soon as he loosened his hold, Covington sped to the kitchen. Covington secured a knife and told Hood “I’m going to cut your ass” In response, Hood armed himself with a nearby Swiffer. Covington put down the blade and lobbed a pot of boiling water on him instead causing Hood to retreat from the home. He affirmed that Covington pursued him with the Swiffer and whacked his car with it multiple times, breaking the windshield and causing $450 worth of damage.

When authorities spoke with Kamille Covington, she told them that Carlos Hood had knocked her to the floor and drug her into the bedroom by her arms. She claimed that Hood strangled her and she kicked free, ran to the kitchen and grabbed the knife in self-defense. Covington stated that in addition to the purple Swiffer, Hood had retained a gasoline can and threatened her saying “I’m going to burn you and the house down.” Her amendment was that she threw the boiling water on him after this threat. Covington explained she began removing Hood’s property from the residence causing the second altercation outside. She declared Hood struck her in the head, which is how she accidentally broke the windshield in retaliation. Deputies noted that Kamille’s story changed more than once while they questioned her.

Authorities observed circumstances that supported Hood’s statement, as his arm was severely burnt and the skin was sloughing, he had a cut on his lip, and his car’s hood and windshield were damaged. Hood received medical treatment on the scene but refused transport. He also refused to speak with a domestic violence advocate. Covington sustained no visible injuries but upon her proclamation that she was three months pregnant was offered medical care which she refused.

Kamille Covington was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, domestic assault, and vandalism. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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