Husband repeatedly beats wife until a third party stops him with a baseball bat

32-year-old Kenneth Baskin was charged with domestic assault when video footage showed him beating his wife three separate times in a row until a man stopped him with a baseball bat.

On May 18th, Memphis Police officers were called to an assault at 3536 Kathy Avenue. According to the affidavit, when the authorities arrived Damien Jiles was hovering over Kenneth Baskin with a baseball bat. Siera Dixon informed them that her husband Kenneth had assaulted her over an allegation of infidelity.

Kenneth Baskin (SCSO)
Kenneth Baskin (SCSO)

Officers viewed video footage showing Baskin leaving in a black Toyota Camry only to return, chastise Dixon, punch her and flee again. He returns a second time harms her again and retreats down the street. On his third rebound, Jiles, who resides at the address, came out with the bat to assist Dixon.

Kenneth Baskin was charged with domestic assault and his bond was set at $5,000.

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