17-year-old charged as adult after holding family at gunpoint and spitting on police

17-year-old Kandarius McBride was charged with five counts of assault, evading arrest, and resisting detention when he brandished a weapon toward a family then fled in the grandmother’s car. He also experienced two seizures during transport.

On June 14th close to 10:30 am, Officers Moore and Fox arrived at the scene and spoke to the victim, Belinda McDougle. She told the police that Kandarius McBride, the defendant, brandished a weapon against her and her family before stealing her grandmother’s vehicle. The family was described by the officer as being uncooperative. McBride came back to the scene of the crime while the police were interviewing McDougle. During his arrest for assault, McBride began having a seizure and was immediately transported to be medically cleared before being taken to juvenile court.

Kandarius McBride (SCSO)
Kandarius McBride (SCSO)

Upon arrival at juvenile court, officers were instructed that McBride has previously been tried as an adult and should be taken to 201 Poplar instead of the juvenile court. Before they could transport him, he experienced another seizure. At medical, he asked to use the bathroom and when Officer Coudriet let him go, he tried to escape custody.

McBride slipped out of the officer’s grip and was taken to the ground. He resisted detainment by kicking up at officers from on his back. Medical security as well as additional officers had to help because he was kicking and spitting. He continued to kick and spit even after finally being placed into handcuffs and escorted back to his bed. Officers then transported him to 201 Poplar.

Kandarius McBride was arrested and charged with five counts of assault, evading arrest, and resisting detention. His total bond was set at $2,000.

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