Man screams racial slurs into PA system while trying to steal patrol car

43-year-old Christopher Whitehorn was charged with criminal attempted theft of property and two counts of vandalism when he tried to steal a police vehicle and yelled racial slurs into the PA system. He then fled to a nearby Lowe’s and threatened the employees to a fight and shattered a window at a local Burger King.

On June 14th, around 3:20 pm Police Service Technicians (PSTs) Powell and Wiley were directing traffic close to Summer and Berclair when Officer Baird showed up in response to a motor vehicle theft (MVT). While the officers were conducting traffic defendant, Christopher Whitehorn, open the driver side door of their squad car and tried to drive away yelling “I have to go.” He grabbed the PA system while inside the vehicle he began cursing and screaming racial slurs. Afterward, he fled the vehicle heading towards Lowes on 585 North Perkins.

Christopher Whitehorn (SCSO)
Christopher Whitehorn (SCSO)

At Lowes, the employees refused to write a report even though he was threatening to fight them. Finally, he was placed into custody around Summer and Perkins and sent to have a medical evaluation. Minutes before the incident above he was in a Burger King located at 4440 Summer, he threw a glass bottle at a large window and shattered it. Approximately the damage cost of the window was $1,600. When he was traveling in the back of the patrol vehicle he kicked the doors and windows causing minor damage.

Christopher Whitehorn was arrested and charged with criminal attempted theft of property and two counts of vandalism. His bond was set at $6,000.

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