Memphis protester resists when placed into custody for blocking traffic and threatening police

33-year-old Likisha Clark was charged with refusing to obey orders given to her during a protest while inciting others to not listen to the police. When police were instructed to place her into custody she resisted.

On May 30th, police were on Beale Street and Main Street during the protests with approximately one hundred to two hundred people obstructing traffic. Loudly the protesters were encouraging others to display violent behavior towards the police that were stationed there, via report. Close to midnight Colonel Burnett used his PA system to give the order to disperse in lieu of the Memphis Police Department’s policy regarding unlawful assembly.

Likisha Clark (SCSO)
Likisha Clark (SCSO)

Defendant, Likisha Clark, was amongst the crowd refusing to obey the orders given by Colonel Burnett. She continued to block traffic and threaten to assault officers and telling others to do the same with her. Lt. Hannah advised officers to place Clark into custody where she began resisting and kicking multiple officers. She was taken to Regional One hospital to check to be cleared for anything medical and then placed into Jail East.

Likisha Clark was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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    Why are you lying, if she was threatening officer’s why was I not charged, DEFAMATION MUCH…. ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION HUH, how is that working out for you🤔🤔


    I was also wondering why did you not say why I went to regional one HOSPITAL,because I had a HOLE in my arm from forced trauma while double handcuffed and received 8 sutures, now make your LIE make sense SCOOP🤔🤔…WOULD YOU LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THE HOLE IN MY ARM DUE TO THAT ARREST

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