Former U of M softball player bites roommate for asking her to take care of her dog

23-year-old Tyler Johnson was charged with domestic assault for hitting and biting her roommate because a note was left asking her to take care of her dog.

On July 2nd, a little after 10 pm Deputies Ward and Mhoon arrived at 9236 Lazzini Cove and spoke to Brianna Porter about an assault. Porter told the deputies that she had left a note for her roommate, Tyler Johnson, to take care of her dog as well as pick up after it.

Twenty minutes before the deputies showed up she said that she was sitting on a stool in the living room of the residence when Johnson came downstairs and began hitting her with a closed fist. After Johnson hit Porter twice in the head, Porter pushed her off but that did not deter Johnson’s advances. As Johnson continued to attack, Porter grabbed Johnson by her hair to try and stop her. The altercation stopped when Porter said that Johnson bit her left leg, which was when Porter left the residence and called 911.

Police were also notified by Porter that Johnson on June 29th threw a Smirnoff bottle almost hitting her and other roommates. Deputies interviewed Johnson who stated that she did punch and bite Porter because of the note. She said there were words exchanged when Porter began clapping her hands and getting louder then she said that Porter pushed her and pulled her hair for no apparent reason. Shelby County Fire Department arrived on scene but Porter refused treatment, and Johnson complained of having a concussion so the paramedics treated her. After being seen by the paramedics, Johnson decided to refuse any further treatment.

Tyler Johnson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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