Memphis woman tries to turn her ex-boyfriend into a speed bump

26-year-old Brandi Kelley was charged with aggravated assault and four counts of reckless endangerment when she saw her ex-boyfriend at the Penny Pantry. She claimed he was threatening her and decided to try to run him over multiple times with her children in the back seat.

On July 19th, Deputy Davidson and Binnington responded to aggravated assault dispatch at 4991 Breckenwood Drive. Prior to responding to the call, dispatch received an additional call, of the same address, about a hit and run. Dispatch suggested that the crimes were linked together. The hit and run involving a white Toyota Camry, silver Chevrolet Malibu, a Toyota Venture. Deputy Binnington arrived on the scene and spoke with Aiman Dwomah, the manager of the Penny Pantry, who said an altercation happened in the parking lot between Colby Burton and Brandi Kelley.

Brandi Kelley (SCSO)

Dwomah had surveillance footage of the situation showing Kelley attempting to ram Burton with her vehicle. She then tried to hit him 2 more times with her 4 children in the back seat of her car which caused the damage to a silver Chevy Malibu. Deputy Davidson arrived at 4991 Beaverton Drive and made contact with the suspect. Kelley stated that she went to the Penny Pantry to pick up a pizza when her ex-boyfriend, Colby Burton, approached her vehicle threatening and kicking her car. She then said that she was in fear for her life, which caused her to attempt to hit Burton.

26-year-old Brandi Kelley was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and 4 counts of reckless endangerment. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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