Girlfriend points gun at boyfriend, says “I will blow your head off!”

33-year-old Danielle Longstreet was charged with aggravated assault when she threatened to shoot her boyfriend in the head.

On August 13th, Officers Zapf and Fullilove arrived at 4114 Orleans after being dispatched to an armed persons call. Upon arrival, authorities spoke with Demetrius Jefferies who told them that his girlfriend, Danielle Longstreet, pointed a gun at him and said “I will blow your head off!” Jefferies claims that she pulled the trigger but the gun did not shoot.

Danielle Longstreet (SCSO)
Danielle Longstreet (SCSO)

A pink SCCY 9mm was recovered, and Longstreet admitted to owning a gun but argued that she did not pull one on Jefferies.

Danielle Longstreet was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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