Grandma takes Xanax and rat poison pills then assaults family members

57-year-old Lisa Rodgers was charged with domestic assault when she took Xanax and rat poison pills, argued with her daughter, and then punched her children and grandchildren in the face one after another.

On August 7th, at 10:16 pm, Kelsey Jones reported to police a simple assault at 4035 Truman Avenue. Officers Bell, Theriac, and McKenzie were dispatched. She said that defendant Lisa Rodgers had taken Xanax and three rat poison pills before she punched her grandson Anthony Jones in the face.

Lisa Rodgers (SCSO)
Lisa Rodgers (SCSO)

Lisa did so after she and her daughter, Tammy Rodgers-Jones, were arguing and Anthony tried to get between them to protect his mother. They both live with Lisa and have a history of her being violent towards Tammy and her children. Tammy said that Anthony had wrapped Lisa up in a bear hug to protect her and that is when she punched him in the face. She went on to explain that Lisa had punched her in the face several times as well. Memphis Fire Department Unit 15 arrived on the scene to do a medical evaluation on Lisa then transported her to Region 1 for evaluation.

Lisa Rodgers was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $500.

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