Man freaks when he sees woman recording him for selling suspected stolen items

21-year-old Brandon Brown was charged with theft of property and vandalism for destroying a woman’s kiosk after she began filming him because she thought he was selling stolen items.

On August 5th, close to 6 pm, victim Ruth Gentry told Memphis Police Department officers that she noticed the defendant, Brandon Brown, selling possible stolen items. She said she was at 3911 Park Avenue running a kiosk when she noticed two suspicious males outside of Dollar Tree selling the items. When she began to record them, Brown came over and said “Da fuck you recording me!”

Brandon Brown (SCSO)
Brandon Brown (SCSO)

Then he took her Samsung phone out of her hand and a black bag full of body oil together valued at $1,420. A female came over and knocked over $300 worth of glass with oils inside breaking them. Brown then flipped the table and the female and Brown jumped into a silver SUV and drove off. Gentry did not require any medical attention and recorded the entire incident. There was a witness that had the female’s number and it was listed on a piece of paper with the name “Princess”.

The next day investigators found Brown to be a suspect of the crime and learned that he has outstanding warrants in Shelby County. On August 7th, Brown was parked at Mt. Moriah Station and was placed into custody where he gave a statement admitting to the incident.

Brandon Brown was arrested and charged with two counts of theft of property and vandalism. His bond was set at $6,000.

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