Pair pulled over for “extremely dark tint” found with copious amounts of drugs and a firearm

23-year-old Gregory Tanksley and 31-year-old Amanda Martinez were both charged with possession of drugs and weapons after detectives conducted surveillance of an apartment and observed them participate in “hand-to-hand” transactions. She was also charged for her car tint being too dark.

On August 13th, MGU, Multi-Agency Gang Unit, detectives were attending to an ongoing investigation in regards to illegal drug sales from 6403 Whispering Lane South, Apartment 101. Detective Reed had received a tip that Amanda Martinez and Gregory Tanksley were selling cannabis out of their apartment. Detectives surveyed the apartment for several hours the day of the incident and noted moderate foot and vehicular traffic. They noticed Mr. Tanksley and Ms. Martinez would exit the apartment, approach unknown parked vehicles, have brief hand-to-hand transactions, and then immediately return to their apartment.

That evening, detectives saw both Tanksley and Martinez leave the apartment and get into Martinez’s 2020 blue Volkswagen. Tanksley had in his possession a large black backpack which he put behind the passenger seat. He then went back inside and came out with a smaller black and white bag before getting into the passenger seat of the car. Once they left the apartments Detective Croom noticed the window tint was extremely dark and used this to perform a traffic stop on Winchester Road, east of South Germantown Road. Martinez slowed the vehicle, entering the parking lot at 7277 Winchester Road, near Danz House, creeping through the parking lot to the east side of the building before coming to a complete stop. Detective Croom approached the vehicle on the passenger side but remained near the quarter panel as he could not see what or whom the vehicle contained with the dark tint. He knocked on the window and gave the command to roll down the window. Detective Croom could smell the distinct odor of marijuana and when the windows were rolled down he watched smoke billow from inside the vehicle as the smell intensified. He asked Tanksley and Martinez to produce identification at which point he noticed Mr. Tanksley seemed very nervous. He was visually shaking and breathing quickly as he told the detective he had left his identification at the apartment but admitted he was 23 years old. Ms. Martinez produced two identification cards with different last names on them.

Mr. Tanksley was asked to exit the vehicle and speak with the detective to determine his identity and was searched. Detective Croom patted him down and felt a hard bulge around the waistband which he recognized as the butt of a gun. Tanksley dropped his arms and grabbed the handgun. Detective Croom grabbed his forearms in an attempt to remove his hands from the firearm which resulted in a struggle to gain control of the gun. Tanksley tried to free himself from the detective by pushing away from him, but Detective Croom grabbed him. Tanksley continued to fight and refuse the detective’s commands to stop resisting. Another detective, Petty, showed up and assisted in taking down Tanksley. The detectives were able to wrestle him to the ground using soft hand techniques, at which point a small black Glock Model 42, .380 caliber fell from his waistband. It was found to be loaded with six rounds and a live one in the chamber. Detectives apprehended Ms. Martinez and checked the tint of the windows which measured 5% which is under the 35% Tennessee limit.

K9 “Mambo” and Detective Mills arrived and performed a free air sniff before infiltrating the open driver door. Mambo instantly alerted on the small black and white backpack in the front passenger seat. In their search of the vehicle, detectives found a burnt marijuana blunt (weighing 1.8 grams) in the center console ashtray, and fifteen plastic baggies with a green leafy substance in each (weighing 78.1 grams). They also searched the large black back in the back seat and found a black digital scale containing residue, several empty baggies, an extended .380 magazine loaded with twelve rounds, a clear glass jar containing cannabis (weighing 53.1 grams,) various pills in baggies, and a pill bottle with an illegible label. Detective Stewart used to identify the pills as follows; forty-one Acetaminophen with Oxycodone, four 10mg Oxycodone, six 10mg Hydrocodone, and three 10mg Acetaminophen with Hydrocodone. Detectives also found $90 in the small backpack. Tanksley did not have a valid Tennessee handgun permit, but they did find that he has multiple pending court cases with no bond restrictions, and multiple misdemeanors and felony warrants. There was $460 in the wallet of Martinez, and the total weight of cannabis in the vehicle was 133 grams, nearly 5 ounces.

Gregory Tanksley was arrested and charged with possession of a firearms / dangerous felony, three counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent, and possession of paraphernalia. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $60,000 bond.

Amanda Martinez was arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent, possession of marijuana with intent, possession of paraphernalia, and operating a vehicle with reflectorized windows. Her bond was set at $10,000.

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