Gun fires as man pistol-whips uncle with mama’s gun

24-year-old Cortez Mathes was charged with aggravated assault after injuring uncle with a semi-automatic 9mm handgun. He claimed he was trying to protect himself after his uncle assaulted him.

On August 14th, Officers Nason and Fox responded to a call from Steve Davis stating that his nephew, Cortez Mathes had shot at him in their shared home at 2435 Norman Avenue. Officers reported an injury to Davis’ head which was treated at Regional One Health Medical Center, 877 Jefferson Avenue.

Cortez Mathes (SCSO)
Cortez Mathes (SCSO)

Mathes surrendered himself to the Memphis Police Department and gave a verbal statement to Sargent Briggs. He said that he armed himself with his mother’s 9mm semi-automatic handgun after he was physically assaulted by his uncle. Mathes claimed that the gun went off when he used it to hit Davis in the head. He said he just armed himself to scare his uncle, but did not mean to hurt Davis.

Cortez Mathes was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. His bond was set at $25,000.

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