Dee’s Oil clerk traps customers inside to fight; tenderizing a man’s head, arm, and back

30-year-old Hareth Musaid Saleh was charged with aggravated assault, especially aggravated kidnapping, and false imprisonment when he struck a customer with a meat tenderizer in his store after locking the door so the customer could not leave.

On September 14th, Justin Tucker arrived at Dee’s Oil located at 1243 Lamar Avenue to speak about a faulty lighter. When he spoke to the clerk, Hareth Musaid Saleh, telling him he wished to exchange it, Hareth stepped out from behind the counter and locked the door after telling Tucker to leave. Tucker could not leave the store but had to defend himself from the onslaught of Hareth’s attack which developed into a full blown fist fight.

Hareth Saleh (SCSO)
Hareth Saleh (SCSO)

Inside the store, there was a witness, Adriana Irby, who saw the whole ordeal and hid behind an ice cream cooler to not get hit. Hareth stopped fighting briefly to grab a meat tenderizer from behind the counter and hit tucker with it in his head, arm, and back, all of which, Irby said that she saw. Then Hareth finally unlocked the door and Irby and Tucker both left, Irby to tell her sister who called the police. While outside Hareth came outside brandishing the meat tenderizer once more and yelled at them to get off of his property. Tucker had to receive medical attention for his bruises and lacerations, which he stated caused him great pain.

On September 18th, both Tucker and Irby were recorded by Memphis Police Department identifying Saleh and speaking about the incident. Tucker said that the pain that he had experienced from the fight and by being hit with the tenderizer has kept him out of work. The Memphis Police Department arrived at Dee’s Oil to find Hareth and security footage of the entire incident. While under his Miranda Rights he admitted to the entire situation involving Tucker.

Hareth Musaid Saleh was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, especially aggravated kidnapping, and false imprisonment. His bond was set at $50,000.

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