Man slaps and punches his child’s grandmother after peeing on her floor

24-year-old Joshua Brown was charged with assault, vandalism, and public intoxication when he pushed, slapped, and punched his child’s grandmother after she confronted him about urinating on the floor.

On September 5th, Officer Newport responded to a vandalism call at 4895 Helene Road. Upon arrival, the officer observed Joshua Brown sitting on the tailgate of a Ford F150 yelling and disturbing the peace. Officer Newport advised him to calm down but he refused. Shannon Jordan advised that her daughter had her baby’s father in the house when he came out into the hallway and began urinating on the floor. Shannon said that when she confronted him he got upset and started punching the walls.

Joshua Brown (SCSO)
Joshua Brown (SCSO)

At this point, Shannon ran to her bedroom and grabbed her pepper spray. When she opened the door Joshua was walking toward her in an intimidating way so she sprayed him in the face. At this point, Joshua began swinging his fists in rage punching and slapping her face and shoving her to the ground multiple times. Officers noticed that Joshua was highly intoxicated during this incident, acting irate and non-compliant during the investigation.

Joshua Brown was arrested and charged with assault, vandalism, and public intoxication. His bond was set at $250.

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