Second murder attempt; man dies moments after officials arrive

24-year-old Terrignon Brown was charged with second-degree murder after found shot walking along Armistead and bloodstain and ballistic analysis linked him to a shooting on Southwall Street.

On September 3rd, Memphis Police Officers responded to a shooting at 1757 Southwall Street, around 9:00 p.m. and when they arrived they made contact with Terrignon Brown. He told officers he was walking along Armistead Avenue to Southwall Street when he was shot by an elderly man in the leg. Around six minutes later, authorities arrived at 2981 Lounette Street where they found a bloody and bullet-riddled Timothy Coleman. He was pronounced dead only two minutes after police arrived on the scene and started providing medical support.

Terrignon Brown (SCSO)
Terrignon Brown (SCSO)

Investigators arrived and found a trail of blood from where Coleman was bleeding out to where Brown was found lying on the ground. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis indicated that the trail of blood was created by a self-replenishing source consistent with a bleeding person leading to where Brown was found. Continued analysis indicated that Coleman was shot while standing just inside the open door of his vehicle. Coleman’s body was found with a .38 caliber revolver which had fired two shots, and several casings from a different weapon. A live round was found along the blood trail that matched the other casings.

Brown was treated at Regional One Medical Center and was afterward brought in for continued investigation. Brown’s account of events leading to his being shot was inconsistent with the bloodstain and ballistic evidence observed by officers.

This is Brown’s second known murder attempt, as five years earlier he attempted to light a woman on fire that owed him a debt, but the charges were dismissed.

Terrignon Brown was arrested and charged with second degree murder. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $1,000,000 bond.

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