Teen chases boyfriend around Mobil Gas Station parking lot with an axe

18-year-old Amanda Tate was charged with domestic assault after chasing her boyfriend around the Mobil Gas Station parking lot with an axe when she saw him with a different female.

On September 26th, Memphis Police Officers Thompson, Tremmel, and Nelson responded to a domestic assault in progress at Mobil Gas Station located at 5491 Shelby Oaks Drive. When police arrived, they spotted the blue Ford Explorer described by the caller sitting at pump two. The officers approached the vehicle on the driver and passenger side making contact with all three individuals in the vehicle. Tristen McClanahan, one of the passengers, stated his girlfriend, Amanda Tate became upset when she saw him with another female and chased him around the parking lot with an axe.

Amanda Tate (SCSO)
Amanda Tate (SCSO)

McClanahan claimed he never felt threatened and Tate did not swing the axe at him. The gas station clerk, Naveen Sundaram witnessed the altercation, made the call, and corroborated the story told by McClanahan. He additionally told officers there were security cameras that captured the event and could be accessed later. The driver, Jacob Bowers, stated he was not involved in the altercation between his brother and Tate, but was simply driving the car. Tate was taken into custody.

Amanda Tate was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $250 and she is no longer in custody.

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