Teen steals Dodge Charger from Circle K; hits officer and patrol vehicle with the stolen car

18-year-old Marcus Humphrey was charged with theft of property, vandalism, leaving the scene of an accident, and aggravated assault after stealing a 2017 Dodge Charger and then using it to strike an officer and police vehicle.

On September 3rd, Alexis Conner stopped at Circle K located at 1685 Union Avenue and left her vehicle running while she went inside to pay for gas. While she was inside, a black Dodge Challenger was seen pulling up next to her 2017 Dodge Charger. Surveillance video showed a person exiting the Challenger and getting into the Charger on the driver’s side. Both vehicles then drove off the lot as Alexis attempted to run after them on foot.

Marcus Humphrey (SCSO)
Marcus Humphrey (SCSO)

On September 4th, Crump Station Task Force (CSTF) Officers observed the stolen 2017 Dodge Charger and attempted to make a traffic stop while the vehicle was at a stoplight in front of 1085 Peabody Avenue. Officer Moody pulled in front of the vehicle in an attempt to box it in. When he exited his patrol vehicle and approached the Charger, the driver turned its wheels in the direction of the officer and drove forward striking him in the hand and knocking him down. The Charger then struck Officer Moody’s driver side door causing damage to it and the front fender.

On September 9th, CSTF was asked to find Marcus Humphrey due to his warrants and being wanted for questioning in an unrelated crime. They were provided with a photo of Marcus which Officer Vincent immediately recognized as the driver of the 2017 Dodge Charger that struck Officer Moody. CSTF was able to detain Marcus at 727 Polk Avenue. He was Mirandized after being brought in and questioned at which point he admitted to being in the Charger the night Officer Moody was struck. The value of the 2017 Dodge Charger was valued at $22,000 and the estimated cost of repair for Officer Moody’s police vehicle was valued at $3,000.

Marcus Humphrey was arrested and charged with theft of property, vandalism, leaving the scene of an accident, and aggravated assault. He is currently jailed in lieu of an $18,000 bond.

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