Ex-boyfriend goes above and beyond in his pursuit of woman; charged with stalking

21-year-old D’artagnan Jordan was charged with stalking after scaling his ex-girlfriend’s roof and repeatedly assaulting the residence from all sides even after given warnings by police to stay away.

On September 27th, at 8:41 p.m. Officers Cagle, Clark, and Blakes responded to a stalking call at 6070 Fox Ridge Drive. Erin Appleberry told police that D’Artagnan Jordan, her ex-boyfriend, arrived unannounced to her father’s home, petulantly banging on the door and repeatedly ringing the bell. Appleberry told police that she told Jordan to stay away from the residence multiple times, but he would park his vehicle on the other side of the block and walk to the home.

D'Artagnan Jordan (SCSO)
D’Artagnan Jordan (SCSO)

She also advised police that Jordan had a gun and she was fearful of what he may do with it. Police had responded to several calls earlier that day and already gave him verbal warnings to stay away from the house as well as to leave the area immediately. After Appleberry denied transport to a safer place, the officer left the residence and Jordan returned. While there, he scaled the roof of the house to knock on and throw pebbles at her bedroom window. Officers quickly returned and were able to apprehend Jordan without incident.

D’Artagnan Jordan was arrested and charged with two counts of stalking. He was released on his own recognizance.

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