Cops kick in door during bloody domestic argument

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28-year-old Genise Jones was charged with domestic assault when her neighbor called police about an argument between her and her boyfriend where she hit him in the head with a pot and he pushed her in return.

On September 26th, Memphis Police officers responded to a call at 4455 Macon Road in reference to a possible assault. Officer Heisler, Officer Tyson, and Officer Chumney approached the apartment and could hear a verbal argument in progress. Officers then knocked on the door and announced their presence. A female voice screamed, “help me, get me out of here.” Officers advised Lieutenant Preble via dispatch of the situation and were authorized the forced entry due to the situation. Officer Heisler stated that he heard a male voice whispering followed by the female voice saying “please go away.” Officer Tyson kicked in the door and officers located Stanley Truitt and his girlfriend, Genise Jones.

Genise Jones (SCSO)

Truitt was standing in the middle of the front room grasping Jones by both arms. Both parties had cuts on their heads and mouths. There was blood on the floor according to the report. Truitt refused to elaborate but admitted to officers that he pushed Jones after she hit him with a pot. Jones refused to cooperate or provide any statement.

Truitt made a spontaneous comment on the scene, “I stopped her before she could say anything.” Officers stated that Truitt’s daughter was in a back bedroom asleep. Officers contacted April Anderson, Truitt’s sister, who came to the apartment to secure and take possession of the apartment and custody of the child per Truitt’s request. Truitt and Jones refused to cooperate with officers and were placed into custody.

Genise Jones was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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