Fight ensues after woman strike ex-boyfriend with an unknown object; both jailed

26-year-old Kadesha Dowell and 23-year-old Thomas Gabriel were charged with domestic assault after Gabriel said Dowell hit him with an object, destroyed the window of his car, and front door before he punched her in the head.

On October 13th, Memphis Police Officers Dunn, Henry, Canfield, and Scott responded to a call about an aggravated assault at a residence located at 4020 Ward Avenue. According to an affidavit, when officers arrived Kadesha Dowell, Thomas Gabriel, Rebecca Dowell, and Alana Burrow were in the yard.

Officers noticed marks on Gabriel consistent with an unknown object and when talking with him. Gabriel stated that his ex-girlfriend, Kadesha Dowell, and her mother, Rebecca Dowell, had come to get his and Kadesha’s child. While gathering items and the child, Gabriel told Kadesha and her mother to leave. He further stated Kadesha assaulted him with an unknown object as well as damaged the glass of his vehicle and his house door. Officers then spoke with Kadesha who stated she and her mother came to get her child when Gabriel punched her in the head after an argument. When questioned both Rebecca and Burrow had different accounts of the incident but both told officers they were fighting. Both were transported to jail after being taken to Regional one for injuries.

Kadesha Dowell was arrested and charged with domestic violence and vandalism. She was later released on her own recognizance.

Thomas Gabriel was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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  1. Kadesha

    If you’re going to report something, report it CORRECTLY . He hit ME first. And I was NOT there when officers arrived. I came BACK after they got there because my best friend ( isn’t mentioned ), was having a seizure & the other people there, didn’t know how to sit down somewhere. I went to get her help since the cops came like an hour later. You wouldn’t know though because YOU weren’t there. Report THAT. You don’t know what you’re even talking about.

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