Sisters catch assault and vandalism charges in knife swinging and car-ramming showdown

22-year-old Karey Macon and 25-year-old Lakiedra Macon were both charged with vandalism with Lakiedra being charged with aggravated assault after Lakiedra took a knife to her ex then rammed her car into his girlfriend’s car and her sister Karey did the same to his car.

On September 28th, Memphis Police Officers Canfield and Bolden were dispatched to the White’s New & Used Tires Store located at 3518 Jackson Avenue for a disturbance call. Upon arrival, the officers made contact with Jerika Harris. Harris stated she was sitting in her Toyota Scion with her boyfriend Derandius Simmons and her 5-year-old child when she noticed Lakiedra Macon pulled into the lot. Macon had her 7-year-old niece in the vehicle then got out of the car and made contact with her ex-boyfriend, Derandius. He was reportedly hit with a closed fist and almost stabbed by Lakiedra.

Derandius, at this time, managed to flee from Lakiedra so she turned and stabbed three tires of Harris’ Scion. After flattening the three tires she got back in her car and rammed Harris’ vehicle multiple times with she and her 5-year-old son still inside. While brandishing the knife, Lakiedra attacked Harris after she exited her Scion. The attack left Harris with a small laceration on her hand and neck which Memphis Fire Department. Dereandius then left the scene and went to Lakiedra’s home at 3918 Belford, to get his personal items. While he was in the driveway Lakiedra showed up in her Chevy Malibu and tried to run him over with her vehicle and stab him. When he placed his items into his Nissan Versa, Karey Macon, the sister of Lakiedra, pulled into the driveway and rammed his vehicle several times. This pushed his vehicle into the home of Lakiedra. Derandius and Jerika both stated that they were in fear of there life. Jerika also stated that she was in fear of her son’s life and Karey’s daughter’s life. Simmons Versa was reported to have suffered from $2,499 worth of damage as well as Harris’ vehicle suffering approximately $2,000 of damage.

25-year-old Lakiedra Macon was arrested and charged with 4 counts of aggravated assault and vandalism and she was released on a $10,000 bond.

22-year-old Karey Macon was arrested and charged with vandalism and was released on her own recognizance.

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