Man hits wife and pushes stepdaughter when he gets upset about a utility bill

44-year-old Charles Buckmaster was charged with two counts of domestic assault after his wife reported to police that he got angry, hit her, and pushed her daughter over a utility bill.

Man charged after quarrel over girlfriend returning home late

26-year-old Curdius Brounson was charged with domestic assault after he and his girlfriend tussled because she came home late, per report.

Man charged after flashing his penis to an 11-year-old girl, per report

24-year-old Lashawn Perry was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and two counts of solicitation of a minor after he reportedly showed a 14-year-old girl a pornography video and flashed his penis to an 11-year-old girl.

Man pushes girlfriend when she attempts to collect her things during separation

37-year-old Andrew Ackerman was charged with domestic assault after he became irate and pushed his girlfriend while she was attempting to collect her things, per report.

Suicidal man assaults wife with coffee mug over politics

57-year-old Jamil Obeid was charged with domestic assault after he threw a coffee mug at his wife over an argument about politics.

Man points gun at granddaughter and says, “I will kill your a**”

65-year-old Eugene Bateman was charged with aggravated assault after pointing a gun at his granddaughter telling her he was going to kill her.

Woman flings dirt at neighbor over sprinkler

60-year-old Stephanie Barrett was charged with simple assault when a verbal argument about a sprinkler resulted in her throwing dirt at her neighbor.

Teen shooter charged after being shot in firefight and providing police with written statement

19-year-old Darriun “BigDawg Choppa” Baker was charged with aggravated assault and employing a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony after leaning out of a car window to shoot at someone and endangering innocent bystanders.

Teen steals $300 cash, a safe, a gold necklace, and other items from her former employer’s home

18-year-old Tierra Jackson was charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property after she was caught on camera breaking into her former employer’s residence then stealing items while she slept.