Teen assaults boyfriend after he pulls an all-nighter away from her

19-year-old Raven Miller was charged with domestic assault after she pushed her boyfriend into a wall and refused to let him leave after he said that he stayed out all night to stop arguing with her.

On October 25th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputy Moncier responded to a domestic violence call at the residence of 4973 Mike Drive. Upon arrival, Raven Miller informed the deputy that her boyfriend, Garth Nation, stayed out all night and when he came home, they began arguing. Garth claimed to have left because he and Raven argued all day prior to that night.

Raven Miller (SCSO)
Raven Miller (SCSO)

He reported that Raven started yelling at him when he came back to the residence. When he attempted to leave, she followed him, telling him “he was not going anywhere.” Raven confirmed Garth walked out to his car and only went back into the residence after she chased him. She said she threw her phone at the wall then Garth hit and shove her onto the couch. According to Raven, he held her down by her neck but it did not feel like he was strangling her and she did not lose consciousness.

However, Garth stated he restrained her on the couch only to prevent her from harming him after she hit and pushed him into the wall. When she broke free, Raven claimed he used his arm to pull her back by her neck. Garth’s mother, Angela Nation, stated she witnessed Garth and Raven come inside. She reported that Raven threw her phone, hit Garth in the back of the head, pushed him into the wall, and was then restrained on the couch by Garth.

At this point, Angela intervened, separated them, and forced Raven out of the house. Photos showed scratches on Raven’s neck but not any indication of strangulation. Garth had scratches on his forehead and nose as well as a fingernail that was bent back. There were holes in the wall from where they claimed the cellphone and Garth’s knee hit the wall.

Raven Miller was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was later released on a $1,000 bond.

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