Girlfriends feud over possible cheating; both charged after hitting each other

28-year-old Trenika Cathey and 21-year-old Miracle Johnson were charged with domestic assault after getting into a scuffle over infidelity then a witness said he saw Cathey fire a handgun at Johnson.

On October 24th, Memphis Police Officers Towns, Shaw, and Curtis responded to a domestic violence call on Smith Avenue. The caller, Trenika Cathey, stated she was at the residence of 2832 Leafy Hollow Drive when she got involved in a physical disagreement with her girlfriend, Miracle Johnson. She said that the fight started due to an argument about infidelity. After the fight, Cathey advised Johnson was driving her to work in a light blue 2002 Buick LeSabre when they got into another argument, punching each other while the car was still in motion.

When officers arrived on Smith Avenue, they spotted Cathey walking on the side of the road near an off-ramp. Cathey told police that Johnson left the scene prior to their arrival. While on the scene, officers received a call reporting shots fired in the area. Further investigation revealed a witness, Reginald Wiseman, who stated he saw a possible shooting.

He said Cathey pointed a black handgun at Johnson while she was in the driver’s seat and shortly after, shots were fired and Johnson fled the scene. However, Cathey denied using the gun, stating she threw the gun into the bushes to prevent it from being used. Officer searched the area, located a 9mm Century Arms Inc pistol loaded with a bullet in the chamber.

Trenika Cathey was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

Miracle Johnson was arrested and charged with domestic assault. She was released on a $2,000 bond.

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