Woman causes $3,000 in damage at Dollar General when terminated as employee

24-year-old Mildred Richardson was charged with vandalism of property after she broke several displays and shelves at Dollar General when she was fired for cursing at a customer, per report.

On November 9th, Memphis Police arrived at Dollar General, located at 5083 Raleigh Lagrange, in response to a vandalism call. Upon arrival, the manager, Cheryl Franklin, stated that an employee, Mildred Richardson, violated store policy by using profanity towards a customer while she was working the register.

Mildred Richardson (SCSO)
Mildred Richardson (SCSO)

Cheryl reported that when she informed Mildred that her employment was terminated, she got angry and started breaking several shelves and displays in the store. She also ripped a security phone system off of the wall, totaling the damage to approximately $3,000. Cheryl later identified her in a photo lineup and on November 24th, Mildred arrived at the police station, where she admitted to Sergeant Braden that she did vandalize the store.

On November 24th, Mildred Richardson was arrested and charged with vandalism of property. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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