Woman flings dirt at neighbor over sprinkler

60-year-old Stephanie Barrett was charged with simple assault when a verbal argument about a sprinkler resulted in her throwing dirt at her neighbor.

On November 4th, Shelby County deputies were dispatched to a simple assault call at 4312 West Hunters Glen Street. Upon arrival, contact was made with Terrice Proctor who stated she was hit with flying dirt that was thrown by her neighbor, Stephanie Barrett. Terrice said there was an ongoing problem from when Barrett made a derogatory post about her on social media that had since been removed.

Stephanie Barrett (SCSO)
Stephanie Barrett (SCSO)

Terrice stated that a verbal argument started after she asked Barrett to turn off a sprinkler that was spraying water under her carport. Per the report, Barrett started yelling, “I’m gonna beat your ass I’m not scared of you, bitch!” Shortly after, the argument escalated and Barrett began flinging chunks of dirt at Proctor. No injuries were sustained and Stephanie Barrett was taken into custody.

Stephanie Barrett was arrested and charged with simple assault. she was released on her own recognizance.

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  1. Skylar

    First of all that’s not the true story you need to take this down the neighbor threw dirt first know yo information before you post honey 🙄

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