Baby daddy charged after bruising woman’s face, arms, chest, and leg

Vinicio Escobar (SCSO)

30-year-old Vinicio Escobar was charged with domestic assault, causing bodily harm after reportedly attacking his child’s mother for questioning his parenting skills.

On November 21st, Memphis Police Officers Sanders and Tuggle responded to a domestic violence call at the Cottonwood Apartments at 4656 Cotton Drive. Per the report, they met with Grecia Martinez, who stated that her child’s father, Vinicio Escobar, physically assaulted her after she asked him, “why can’t he watch his own daughter?”

Vinicio Escobar (SCSO)
Vinicio Escobar (SCSO)

Per her account, he got angry and punched her in the face. He then reportedly grabbed her by her hair, slammed her into the ground, and dragged her around the kitchen, causing a bruise on her left kneecap. He then pinched her chest hard enough to leave a bruise. Grecia advised that he was intoxicated. Officers observed several bruises on Grecia’s face, chest, arms, and leg.

Vinicio Escobar was arrested and charged with domestic assault, causing bodily harm. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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