Duo charged after opening fire on apartment building

28-year-old Floyd Franklin, 27-year-old Quanpatrick Rockamore, and 33-year-old Brandon Braswell were charged with two counts of assault after reportedly chasing a person and shooting up an apartment building.

Woman kicks pregnant daughter in the stomach

36-year-old Andrea Seymore was charged with domestic assault after she reportedly attacked her pregnant daughter in front of her juvenile daughter, who corroborated the story.

Man charged after burglarizing two vehicles and auto repair shop

44-year-old Tyras Watkins was charged with two counts of motor vehicle burglary and two counts of theft of property after reportedly stealing items from two cars and an automotive repair shop before getting caught.

Man strangles girlfriend after becoming upset with his mother, per report.

41-year-old Tarrell Crawford was charged with aggravated assault after reportedly pulverizing his girlfriend and claiming that she was attempting to hit him because of messages she saw on his phone.

Woman ransacks home and steals vehicle only to return later

28-year-old Kiara Neely was charged with aggravated burglary and theft of property after reportedly stealing a car from a home, coming back to return it, and then breaking in through a window.

Man blows .306 after falling asleep at the wheel and striking guardrail

27-year-old Antwon Morrison was charged with driving under the influence, public intoxication, reckless driving, and violation of financial law after reportedly passing out at the wheel and crashing into a guardrail after a night of drinking, per report.

Man charged when pulled over with 26.8 grams marijuana and 35 unidentified pills

44-year-old Lachester Hunter was charged with driving with a suspended license, driving under the influence, open container law, straddling lanes, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, possession of drug paraphernalia, and refusal to submit to a BAC test after reportedly getting pulled over with marijuana and white pills in his car.

Man charged after stealing baby clothes, bed comforter, and laundry detergent

45-year-old T.W. Rubin was charged with theft after reportedly stealing from multiple places and then fleeing in a vehicle with incorrect tags.

Man panhandles from patrons of Starbucks, per report

36-year-old Brian Holmes was charged with disorderly conduct, aggravated criminal trespass, and resisting official detention after threatening Starbucks employees and refusing to comply with officer’s demands.

Woman guns down acquaintance at bus stop

44-year-old Sherrie Dupree was charged with attempted first degree murder after reportedly pulling up to a bus stop and riddling a man with bullets.