Man charged after telling officers he is watching stolen motorcycle for friend

36-year-old Matthew Franks was charged with theft of property after he was reported with a stolen Honda Shadow motorcycle but claimed he was watching it for a friend.

On November 9th, Memphis Police Officer Montgomery arrived at Hans Auto Care, located at 2558 North Watkins Street, in response to a burglary call. The owner, Hans Schultz, stated that someone had taken a 2007 Honda Shadow motorcycle from the shop between the 3rd and 9th of November.

Matthew Franks (SCSO)
Matthew Franks (SCSO)

On November 27th, Memphis Police received an anonymous call about a suspicious person at the residence of 3422 Tutwiler Avenue. Upon arrival, the police identified Matthew Franks outside with a Honda Shadow motorcycle. The motorcycle was confirmed stolen from Hans Auto Care, and Franks was in possession of the keys. The motorcycle’s battery was connected to a charging cable that was coming from the residence. Franks told officers that he was watching the bike for a friend, and he was taken into custody. The total value of the motorcycle was $2,375.

Matthew Franks was arrested and charged with theft of property. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $10,000 bond.

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