Woman sticks fork in friend’s face over argument about their living “situation”

24-year-old Olivia Pegues was charged with aggravated assault after police say she stabbed her friend in the face with a fork during an argument about their living situation.

On December 8th, Shelby County Sheriff’s Deputies Bramlett and Thiele arrived at the residence of Olivia Pegues, at 5209 Braden Drive, in response to an aggravated assault call. Upon arrival, the deputies detained Olivia as she was walking down the driveway until they could further investigate.

Olivia Pegues (SCSO)
Olivia Pegues (SCSO)

Tanesha Walker advised that Olivia let her and her mother, Elnore Hewitt, move into the residence but they got into an argument about the living situation that day. She reported Olivia picked up a vase, threw it in her direction, and started fighting her. During their altercation, Olivia grabbed a fork and stabbed Tanesha in the face below her right eye.

Elnore then got involved and confirmed Olivia stabbed her daughter. Olivia admitted she got into an argument with Tanesha but claimed Tanesha attacked her. She stated she saw Tanesha reaching for something so she defended herself by grabbing a handful of silverware and hitting her over the head.

Olivia Pegues was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

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