Shannon Enlow caught with magic mushrooms after making illegal U-turn

On April 19th, 22-year-old Shannon Enlow was involved in a drug incident that occurred near an intersection by Walnut Grove Road and Shelley Renee Lane. Officers noticed a silver sedan making an illegal U-turn and a man hanging his body out of the window in the passenger seat. Officers began to follow before promptly making a traffic stop. When officers made contact with Enlow, who was driving, they asked her if there were any drugs in the car, which she was hesitant to answer. As officers spoke with March Coffield, the passenger in the vehicle, they noticed him covering up an orange purse. Officers noticed his eyes were bloodshot, and he was breathing heavily. Officers then spoke with both of them and asked if Enlow would consent to a vehicle search. Enlow consented to a search initially before retracting her statement when looking at Coffield. Officers then called a K9 unit to the scene. The K9 unit hit the front driver’s side door, indicating narcotics were in the vehicle. Officers then searched the car, and a bag of magic mushrooms was found in the orange purse. Enlow admitted the mushrooms were hers, and she was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance.


Shannon Enlow was booked into the Shelby County Jail on April 19th, charged with possession of a controlled substance. She was released on her own recognizance.

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