Tamika Buchanan assaults woman for sending her daughter home from work

36-year-old Tamika Buchanan was caught assaulting Lisa Gross at a butcher shop near South Third Street. On March 31st, officers responded to an assault call from Lisa Gross. When they arrived on the scene, Gross stated she was assaulted by her coworker, Taeriyl Bean’s Mother, Tamika Buchanan. Gross said she had recently sent Bean home from work because she was not following orders to perform her job. Gross then claimed that when Bean had left, she had returned with her mother, Tamika, who immediately began to assault her. Gross then claimed Tamika pulled her by the jacket and punched her in the face numerous times. Gross had minor injuries, stating that the incident was captured on video. On April 4th, Gross gave an oral video statement and identified Tamika Buchanan in a six-person photo lineup as the person who assaulted her. Tamika Buchanan was taken into custody on April 24th and charged with assault.


Tamika Buchanan of W Mallory Ave in Memphis, TN, was booked into the Shelby County Jail on April 24th, charged with assault.

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