Kenyetta Hayes orders hot wings after killing man for $60, says she was “thirsty for money”


26-year-old Kenyetta Hayes committed first-degree murder at Filmore Avenue Park on May 6th. When officers arrived at the scene, they discovered a man who had been shot and declared him dead. Investigators recovered videos from businesses in the area that revealed Hayes running from the area of the shooting and released the footage to the media for tips, asking who it was.

On May 7th, the following day, Officers received a call from Hayes’s mother, Shante Jones, who stated she saw her daughter on the news as a person of interest in a homicide. Jones also told investigators that she would bring her daughter into the homicide office. Hayes states that she was on Lamar Avenue near the Marathon gas station when a man asked her for oral sex in exchange for 60 dollars. She advised officers she never planned on performing the act, but instead, she was going to “hit a lick,” meaning rob the man. When the two got to the park, she shot the man, took the sixty dollars, and fled on foot. Hayes also told officers she was “thirsty for money” and spent 47 dollars on two hot wing combos for her and her boyfriend. Hayes was taken into custody for first-degree murder.


Kenyetta Hayes was booked into the Shelby County Jail on May 7th, charged with first-degree murder.

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