Elita Bean shoots & stabs husband, killing him during argument


44-year-old Elita Bean was caught after she shot her husband, Terrance Bean, at their Ardmore residence On May 21st. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with their juvenile children outside, who stated that their mother, Eliita, had shot their father, Terrence. Officers then entered the residence, where they found Elita in the kitchen and found Terrence lying face down on the kitchen floor, suffering from a gunshot wound. Officers spoke with Elita, who told officers that she was fighting with Terrence over the gun, and it went off. Terence was pronounced dead on the scene, and Elita was taken to the Regional Medical Center near Jefferson Avenue. Investigators made a scene and spoke with one of their children, who stated that Elita And Terrence were arguing over keys, and it escalated when Elita retrieved a knife and attempted to stab Terrence. Elita and Terrence then went to their bedroom, where they continued arguing before they went to the kitchen. According to the child, their argument had escalated more, and Elita was on the ground, and Terrence did not have pants on. The juvenile informed officers that this was when Elita asked the child to retrieve her gun, but Terence got the weapon for Elita, telling her to shoot him. Proceeding this, Elita shot Terrence three times. Investigators examined Terrence’s body, showing three gunshots as well as two stab wounds across his chest. Officers found the knife in the trash can as well as well as a handgun in their bedroom. Elita was charged with second-degree murder.


Elita Joy Bean of Kimball Avenue Memphis, TN, was booked into the Shelby County Jail on May 22nd, charged with second degree murder.

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