Teen charged with aggravated robbery tells police he was just playing basketball

18-year-old Asaiah Lurry was charged with aggravated robbery and felony possession of a firearm after he and a friend tried to rob a man at gunpoint, fired shots at him when he ran away, and then told police he was just playing basketball.

Mother threatens to stab child’s father with a can opener

31-year-old Britteny Rogers was charged with domestic assault after brandishing a can opener on her child’s father while they were having an altercation and threatening to stab him with it. She also told his girlfriend to “come back outside and fight her.”

Woman breaks windows of ex’s business, says she “did the crime so she’s willing to do the time”

37-year-old Lacey Segatto was charged with vandalism after breaking $6,700 worth of windows and mirrors at her kid’s father’s business including his vehicle and RV. She told officers she “did the crime so she’s willing to do the time.”