Woman breaks windows of ex’s business, says she “did the crime so she’s willing to do the time”

37-year-old Lacey Segatto was charged with vandalism after breaking $6,700 worth of windows and mirrors at her kid’s father’s business including his vehicle and RV. She told officers she “did the crime so she’s willing to do the time.”

On August 12th, Officer Woods was dispatched to 4560 Kendall Cove, Auto Surgeon, on a vandalism call. Jamal Afana met with officers and explained that he received a call from Perkins 76 at 605 North Perkins Road next to his own business saying that the mother of his children, Lacey Segatto, was breaking the windows of his business with a bat. Afana told officers when he arrived at the scene of the crime he found ten windows, the side mirrors of his Ford F150, and the windows of his Nation RV had all been broken. The damage amounted to approximately $6,700. Three witnesses gave officers their account of what they had seen.

Lacey Segatto (SCSO)
Lacey Segatto (SCSO)

The first, Timothy Dodson was on the scene when the crime occurred, and had seen a female break all of the windows. He did not know her name but had seen her at Afana’s residence before. The second witness, Raul Hernandez noted that he works in the food truck on the gas station’s property and had heard the glass break before seeing Segatto using a bat to break the glass. He did not see enough of her to know who she was, but he witnessed her getting into a black suburban. The third witness, Rhea Powell, resides next to the business and heard breaking glass that made her look out the window and see the woman with a bat. She did not witness Segatto breaking the glass because she was too afraid to leave her home, but she was able to positively identify her as the woman with the bat who drove away in a black suburban SUV.

Segatto returned to the scene of the crime and admitted to officers that she had broken the windows and that she “did the crime so she’s willing to do the time.”

Lacey Segatto was arrested and charged with vandalism. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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