Mother threatens to stab child’s father with a can opener

31-year-old Britteny Rogers was charged with domestic assault after brandishing a can opener on her child’s father while they were having an altercation and threatening to stab him with it. She also told his girlfriend to “come back outside and fight her.”

On August 30th, Officers Pride, Woods, and Lockhart were dispatched to a domestic situation at 961 Oakmont Place. Lavell Jefferson explained that his child’s mother, Britteny Rogers came to his home to get their child. After exchanging the child, Rogers followed him back to the apartment door. Jefferson attempted to close the door after entering, but Rogers pushed the door back open. She then grabbed a can opener off his kitchen counter and threatened to stab him with it.

Brittney Rogers (SCSO)
Britteny Rogers (SCSO)

Rogers claimed she followed Jefferson to the door because they were in the midst of a conversation. She said that she told Jefferson’s girlfriend, Cynthia Gregory, to come back outside and fight her if she had a problem. Rogers explained that Jefferson pushed her out the door so she pushed him back. She admitted to grabbing the can opener, but from the floor, and said she never hit him with it. Gregory told officers she stayed inside the apartment and did not see what happened, but could hear everything.

She said Rogers tried to come inside and Jefferson attempted to close the door to keep her from entering. Gregory confirmed Rogers told her to come out and fight as well as said she was going to stab her son. When the officers pulled up, Rogers was still standing at the door with the can opener. Jefferson did not need medical attention. He completed hold harmless and lethality screening forms. Marcus Smith, Rogers’ boyfriend, took custody of her children.

Britteny Rogers was arrested and charged with domestic assault. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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