#BoosterClub – Woman pushes out $400 of merchandise from At Home store, hides behind her Mercedes in parking lot

34-year-old Candice Glover was charged with theft of property and possession of tools to interfere with anti-theft devices after grabbing a shopping cart full of merchandise, exiting the store, and getting caught hiding behind her Mercedes.

On February 26th, Deputies Jordan and Young responded to a call about a shoplifter at the At Home Store on Winchester Road. Deputies made contact with Kimberly Camp, the store manager. Kimberly advised while they were ringing up a customer, later identified as suspect Kendra Ayers, another woman grabbed her shopping cart full of merchandise and left the store without paying. The value of the merchandise was $403.50. Kimberly then immediately called 911.

Candice Glover (SCSO)

When deputies arrived on scene, they found Candice Glover bent down beside a black Mercedes CLS500. When Candice was detained, deputies observed the stolen items in the back seat of the Mercedes, along with a wig that was worn by Candice while inside the store. The other suspect, Kendra Ayers, was found exiting the FFO Home Store next door. The keys to the Mercedes were found in Kendra’s pocket and admitted she rode together with Candice.

According to the affidavit, the stolen items were itemized and returned to the store. There was a pair of red, white, and blue handle cutters retrieved from Candice’s purse inside the vehicle and a small orange hand pliers retrieved from her coat pocket during the arrest.

Candice Glover was arrested and charged with Theft of Merchandise and Possession of Tools to Interfere with Anti-Theft Devices. Her bond was set at $7,250.

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