Disturbance at furniture store ends in broken hearts, phone and domestic assault charge

20-year-old Cristina Gonzales was charged with domestic assault after her boyfriend reported to police they were breaking up and she then slapped him while trying to take his phone. She was concerned there may be information on his phone that could be embarrassing to her and her family.

On March 11th, Officer C. Morrow was dispatched to a disturbance at MultiLine Furniture on South Perkins Road. According to the affidavit, Abdallah Ali told the officer he and Cristina Gonzales were breaking up because of her infidelity. He said when she attempted to seize his cell phone he tried to stop her and she slapped him across the face, grabbed the phone and hurled it to the floor. Gonzales claimed she came to the store to speak with Ali and that he had been following her.

Christina Gonzales (SCSO)
Christina Gonzales (SCSO)

This made her anxious that he had content on his phone that could be damaging to her and her family. Authorities watched the security footage and observed the incident noting that it appeared Gonzales had struck Ali at least twice and a witness, Byron McNeal, had to pull her off of Ali. Officers recorded that Ali had scratches on his arms and neck but he refused medical attention and would not speak to a victim advocate.

Christina Gonzales was arrested charged with domestic assault. She was released on her own recognizance.

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