Man charged with assault for punching his pregnant sister over laundry

22-year-old Tyler Lacey was charged with domestic assault after having an argument with his sister about laundry that led to him punching her three times in the face and pulling her hair.


Tyler Lacey (SCSO)

On February 26th, Deputy Zang responded to a call in reference to an assault on Martingale Crossing. Upon arrival, Taylor Levy reported that she had been in a verbal argument with Tyler Lacey that turned physical. Tyler is her brother and had lived there for about three months. Taylor stated that her argument with Tyler was about laundry that was in the machine. This led to Tyler becoming upset and he started to assault her by punching her three times on her right cheek, once in the lower back, and pulling her hair. Taylor said that once she put her arms up to block her face, Tyler stopped and left the house. Taylor also left and waited in her vehicle for police to arrive.

Deputies observed and noted that both of Taylor’s eyes were swollen and redness on her right cheek. Deputies then searched around the house and were not able to find Tyler, but located an individual that matched Tyler’s description walking in the apartment complex parking lot. Deputies then identified him as Tyler Lacey, who admitted to being in a verbal argument with Taylor about laundry and that he pushed her. He denied ever punching her. Taylor Levy completed the DV Hold Harmless and was taken to Baptist East for a routine check because she is three months pregnant. Deputies determined Tyler Lacey to be the primary aggressor. 

Tyler Lacey was arrested and charged with Domestic Assault. His bond was set at $2,000.

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