Man throws rocks at ex-boyfriend’s car and approaches him with brass knuckles

24-year-old Ja’Caspainderoney Anderson was charged with possessing a prohibited weapon and vandalism after throwing rocks at his ex-boyfriend’s vehicle and then approaching him with brass knuckles at Relax Inn on Lamar Avenue.

On February 29th, Officers Merrill and Shelton responded to a call about an armed person at Relax Inn on Lamar Avenue. On the way to the scene, the officers observed a male that matched the suspect description walking down Lamar Avenue. Officers made contact with the man, identified as Ja’Caspainderoney Anderson. He stated he had seen his ex-boyfriend Darius Childs at the Relax Inn, they started arguing, and rocks were thrown.

Ja’Caspainderoney Anderson (SCSO)

When officers patted Ja’Caspainderoney down before detaining him, a pair of brass knuckles were found to be in his possession. Officers then made contact with Darius, and he stated while on the way to Relax Inn to meet someone he turned onto Lamar Avenue from Winchester Road, he had seen Ja’Caspainderoney Anderson at the curb, where he bent down to pick up rocks and proceeded to throw them at the passenger side door of his vehicle. Darius stated he kept driving to reach his destination. When he pulled in, Ja’Caspainderoney approached him with a piece of scrap metal in his hands. Darius said at that point, he felt threatened because Ja’Caspainderoney was waving the piece of metal at him. Darius recorded the incident and it supported his statement.

Darius filled out a DV hold harmless waiver and screened according to protocol on the DV lethality screening, but he did not wish to speak with an advocate. The brass knuckles and completed waiver were submitted and tagged as evidence. Officers then canvassed the area for any scrap metal but found nothing and no injuries were reported.

Ja’Caspainderoney Anderson was arrested and charged with Possession of a Prohibited Weapon and Vandalism-$1000 or less. His bond was set at $1,800.

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