Man kicks hole in door while telling sister he is going to “beat the brakes off her”

37-year-old James McCracken was charged with domestic assault after he cornered his sister in a room and began to kick the door in while saying that he was going to “beat the brakes off her,” per the affidavit.

On March 27th, officers were dispatched to West Maxima Cove in reference to a domestic call. Cheryl McAlpin told police that she and James McCracken were involved in a verbal altercation and James started vandalizing the house. His sister Krista McCracken stated she had also been involved in an argument with James. Krista went on to say that during the argument James said that he was going to “beat the brakes off her” and kill her.

James McCracken (SCSO)
James McCracken (SCSO)

This occurred in the same timeframe that James began kicking a hole in the door in an attempt to gain entry to the room Krista was occupying. Krista also told officers that James had been drinking all morning before arguing with her and Cheryl. She also stated she was afraid she would be harmed if James had gained entry to the room. Officers determined James to be the primary aggressor and placed him into custody. While being detained, MFD Unit 7 tended to the injuries on his legs that stemmed from kicking a hole in the door.

James McCracken was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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