Memphis woman found with fentanyl and meth after hotel drop and traffic stop, per report

32-year-old Casey Reno was charged with possession of fentanyl with intent, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of drug paraphernalia when she was pulled over after being observed during police surveillance making a hand to hand exchange outside of a room at Econo Lodge Inn & Suites.

Brotherly love: “Come out of your room so I can beat your a– to death”

44-year-old William Lewis was charged with domestic assault after he attempted to take the anger from his recent breakup out on his brother, according to the affidavit.

Drunk and disorderly woman punches car on Interstate 40, per report

24-year-old Aizha Smith was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after she was kicked out of a car for being too drunk and extra then found by police on Interstate 40 near the I-40/240 overpass.

Man kicks hole in door while telling sister he is going to “beat the brakes off her”

37-year-old James McCracken was charged with domestic assault after he cornered his sister in a room and began to kick the door in while saying that he was going to “beat the brakes off her,” per the affidavit.

Man throws Cheetos and punches at ex-girlfriend after stealing from her, per report

26-year-old Daniel Downs was charged with domestic assault and theft of property after he stole $225 from his ex-girlfriend, threw Cheetos at her head, and began punching her in the face and chest before pushing her out of the car, per report.

Memphis woman shakes down sister for money

23-year-old April Raber was charged with aggravated assault after a verbal argument with her sister over money turned into face hitting and strangulation to the point of her “fading in and out of consciousness”, per report.

Memphis trio busted with drugs and paraphernalia at the local Penny Pantry

19-year-old Brianna Ingram, 46-year-old George Jones, and 23-year-old Terrell Johnson were charged with 3 counts of possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of methamphetamine after they were stopped at the Penny Pantry in a stolen white Expedition. Terrell was also charged with possession of marijuana.

Statutory rape arrest: Mom spoils the fun

19-year-old Demetrice Ceazer was charged with statutory rape after the victim’s mother called police because she suspected her 13-year-old daughter and Demetrice were engaging in sexual activity.

A prostitute and her John arrested behind empty building

32-year-old Keisha Diggs and 53-year-old Charles McCadney were both charged with trespass by motor vehicle. Keisha was additionally charged with prostitution and Charles was additionally charged with patronizing prostitution after police found Keisha performing a sex act on Charles in a car behind a building on Lamar Avenue.

Woman admits to attacking boyfriend after neighbor calls police over profanity

29-year-old Kathryn Day was charged with domestic assault when she admitted to slapping her boyfriend to the police after a neighbor had called them in reference to profanity being used loudly.