Memphis mother punishes child with extension cord over a cell phone

38-year-old Jessica Dickerson was charged with domestic assault with the intent of bodily harm after she attacked her daughter with an extension cord after a verbal altercation involving a cell phone.

On May 6th, Officers Roten and English were dispatched to the residence of Jessica Dickerson, located at 1474 Paullus Drive, in regards to a domestic dispute. On arrival, officers met with Dickerson, who explained that she found her daughter with a cell phone. Due to previous incidents, Dickerson had previously taken away her phone. After taking the additional phone, Dickerson then asked if her daughter was “ready for her punishment.” The aforementioned punishment consisted of Dickerson beating her with an extension cord.

Jessica Dickerson (SCSO)
Jessica Dickerson (SCSO)

According to the daughter, she willingly gave her other phone to Dickerson. After handing the phone over, Dickerson allegedly attacked her numerous times with the cord. She attempted to prevent the attacks with a pillow. Officers noticed welts along her wrists, left arm, right thigh and neck area. Dickerson was then taken into custody for the charge of domestic assault. Crime scene officers later took pictures of the welts formed by Dickerson’s attack.

Following Dickerson’s departure, Officer Roten informed the Department of Children’s Services hotline of the incident, requesting immediate assistance. DCS case manager Robin Brown arrived at the scene shortly thereafter, taking custody of the daughter and her other child.

Jessica Dickerson was arrested and charged with domestic assault with the intent of bodily harm. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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