Memphis protest leads to arrests, statement from Mayor Strickland

33-year-old Dominic Vietti was charged with the obstruction of a highway or passageway and inciting to riot. 21-year-old Joangela Sigala was arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction of a highway or passageway. Vietti and Sigala’s charges stem from standing, jumping and refusing to leave the intersection of Union and McLean in protest of the Minneapolis Police Department, per report.

On May 27th, groups were gathered in protest on the intersection of Union Ave and McLean Blvd regarding George Floyd and the Minneapolis Police Department. According to the affidavit, officers arrived at the scene of the protest estimating 150-200 participants obstructing Union Ave. Dominic Vietti reportedly approached the officers “in an aggressive manner.”

Vietti was told numerous times to vacate the roadway to resume the flow of traffic, to which he refused. A lawful order to disperse was claimed to be given by Lt. Hides on the public address system, in which protesters had “adequate” time to comply. Vietti continued to jump in the street, inciting other participants to follow suit. He then reportedly pulled up his pants and initiated a fighting stance. An officer attempted to place Vietti into custody, to which he began to run into oncoming traffic on Union Ave. Officer Morris caught up to Vietti, tackling him after a short distance. After being placed into custody, Vietti was transported to Regional One for medical evaluation.

During Vietti’s arrest, Officer Bulak noticed Joangela Sigala blocking eastbound traffic on Union Ave. Sigala was allegedly yelling and screaming, causing a disturbance and inciting others to continue their disruption despite lawful orders to disperse. Bulak maintained an observance of Sigala as she continually refused to exit the premises. Officers then attempted to take Sigala into custody, responding to such by attempting to flee the scene.

A video of the May 27th riot was documented by Bethany McCluskie on Facebook Live, which can be viewed here.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland later released a statement regarding the riot, saying: “It’s right and understandable for people to express their frustration through peaceful protest; however, I wish last night’s protesters would have all had on masks, been six feet apart, and gone through the proper channels to ensure everyone’s safety. By not doing so, protesters and our officers were unnecessarily put at risk. I’m proud of the Memphis Police Department and the way our officers conducted themselves last night.”

Dominic Vietti was arrested and charged with obstruction of a highway or passageway and inciting to riot. Joangela Sigala was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of a highway or passageway Both were later released on their own recognizance.

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