Memphis juggalo chased down and apprehended by woman during attempted burglary

26-year-old Ethan Dominguez was charged with burglary of a motor vehicle after being observed by the owner taking items out of a Dodge Avenger. The woman followed Dominguez and was able to apprehend him before police arrived.

Woman steals Sportage with keys inside, later found swerving through South Memphis

25-year-old Notosha Smith was charged with driving with a suspended license and theft of property after stealing a man’s Kia Sportage and was observed swerving in and out of traffic lanes in South Memphis. The Sportage’s value was approximately $18,100.

Strangled girlfriend stops car and fights back with golf club; incident recorded by witness

29-year-old Marquil Washington was charged with domestic assault after strangling and striking his girlfriend while she was driving in North Memphis, who attempted to fight back in defense by retrieving a golf club from the trunk of her vehicle, per report.

Arlington man “wigs out” on girlfriend, threatens to shoot her

41-year-old Dexter Woodland was charged with aggravated and domestic assault after threatening to shoot his girlfriend with a handgun during a dispute. Woodland additionally pulled off the wig of the woman before she was able to escape the premises.

Memphis man uses tape and a knife to kidnap roommate, steals his Cricket phone and $38

43-year-old Eric Lee was charged with aggravated kidnapping and aggravated robbery after holding a roommate against his will inside their Frayser home for approximately one hour. Lee reportedly restrained the man with medical tape and threatened him with a knife, per report.

‘RudeBoii Xan’ opens fire on interstate after his vehicle was struck with a cup

26-year-old Corey “RudeBoii Xan” Lurry was charged with being a convicted felon in possession of a handgun and two counts of reckless endangerment after opening fire in response to a cup being thrown at his vehicle on I-240.

Millington teen gets forked by her cousin on her 18th birthday

18-year-old Deja Yanov was charged with domestic assault after striking her cousin in the face and neck with a closet rod and in response was stabbed in the arm and leg with a fork, per report.

Memphis man opens fire on ex-girlfriend, passengers over stolen Infiniti

23-year-old Kenneth Holmes was charged with aggravated assault and two counts of attempted second-degree murder after opening fire on two women outside of the Cane Creek Apartments. Holmes shot an additional male passenger in the head during the incident, per report.

Memphis man robs two gas stations for cash and cigarettes over three day span

52-year-old Thomas Jones was charged with two counts of aggravated robbery and criminal impersonation after taking money and merchandise from two separate gas stations over the span of three days. When caught, he attempted to provide his brother’s information as his own, per report.

Memphis woman slams and strangles girlfriend at Summereast Apartments

22-year-old Chynna Elder was charged with aggravated assault after she slammed her girlfriend and then strangled her during an argument to the point of unconsciousness, per report.