Mother wants to leave father and son behind, flips out after police involvement

36-year-old Jennifer Wimberly was charged with domestic assault when she told her boyfriend that she wanted to leave him and her son behind. Police brought them to a civil agreement before she decided to cause a huge scene.

On May 13th, Officer Robinson responded to 3904 Brompton Dr, for a domestic dispute between the defendant, Jennifer Wimberly, and her boyfriend, victim, Kenneth Burress. They engaged in a verbal altercation when Wimberly told Burress that she wanted to leave the relationship and their five-year-old son behind. Police helped both parties to part amicably when Wimberly became irate and began causing a huge disturbance in their front yard.

Jennifer Wimberly (SCSO)
Jennifer Wimberly (SCSO)

Drawing the attention of the neighbors she kicked lawn chairs and screamed threats such as, “Fuck the victim (Burress) up” at Burress, per report. She did this while the police were on scene, she also chased him inside and threw sunglasses at him. Officers placed Wimberly into custody to stop the offense from escalating. She was then transported to Jail East.

Jennifer Wimberly was arrested and charged with domestic assault and disorderly conduct. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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