Police arrest man who says he was shooting at assailant that was shooting at him

29-year-old Charles Young was charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon for firing an assault rifle at an unknown assailant outside his apartment that he said was shooting at him inside his apartment.

On May 12th, Deputy Brown responded to 7705 Nash Drive where multiple calls of shots in the area occurred. Officers spoke to Chantel Logan at 7716 Nash Drive Apartment 202, who said that multiple rounds came through her window. Officers observed bullet holes in the walls of the bedroom. Chantel told police no one inside the home was injured and stated that they did not need medical attention.

Charles Young (SCSO)
Charles Young (SCSO)

Police then found the defendant, Charles Young, at 7705 Nash Drive Apartment 108. Charles told police that an unknown male was outside his window firing into his apartment. He stated that he retrieved his assault rifle and began firing back from inside the house.

Casings were found inside the living room and the bedroom as well as handgun casings found outside. A Mak 90 was recovered and found to not be stolen. Local hospitals were to notify the police if any emergency room receives any gunshot wounds.

Charles Young was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon. His bond was set $50,000.

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