She said he mounted her, he said she was biting and scratching, both charged with domestic assault

36-year-old Michael Jackson and 32-year-old Stephanie Butler were charged with domestic assault when she said he mounted her to take her phone and he said she bit his chest and hand. The police couldn’t pinpoint the primary aggressor so everyone went to jail.

On May 5th, Memphis Police Officer Rice was dispatched to 698 Baltimore Street because Michael Jackson wanted his girlfriend Stephanie Butler to depart the residence. According to the affidavits, Michael accused Stephanie of biting his hand and chest.

She claimed she bit him because he had mounted her while she was asleep on the sofa, in an attempt to secure her phone. The two individuals had conflicting injuries as well as stories. As the primary aggressor was unable to be determined both parties were arrested.

Michael Jackson was arrested and charged with domestic assault and his bond was set at $2,500. Stephanie Butler was arrested and charged with domestic assault and was released on her own recognizance.

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